Ergon 16150/G

Variable geometry comfort stretcher - yellow/blue

Art. 16150/G

Ergon 16150/G

Variable geometry comfort stretcher - yellow/blue Visit Ergon website 

ERGON was designed and developed by rescue operators and experts of the medical emergency sector to offer outstanding performances, never achieved before. This stretcher ensures maximum comfort, especially in bed sore areas, thanks to a special material (the exclusive Me.Ber. HC3 - High Comfort Composite Cell) consisting in a soft material moulded on a high resistance plastic polymer.

Besides patient's comfort, ERGON is designed to assist rescuers and operators thanks to unique solutions. The handles are upholstered in HC3 and present a 20° inclination, thus allowing a better grip. Dedicated eyelets and supports were integrated for the fastening of straps and carabiners. When split, the distance between the two halves measures 25 mm: this ensures excellence support to the spinal column, in contrast with regular scoop stretchers which presents an 80 mm distance. The shape of the blade is also larger than usual and is easily placed between the patient and the ground. The employment of HC3 material, besides conferring excellent structural stability, ensures great thermal insulation. This feature prevents hypothermia and allows for a longer stay of the patient on the Ergon stretcher, thanks to its design.

A technological revolution: the new jointed locking system FlexiLock allows to separate the stretcher in two halves and facilitates rescue operations even in extreme conditions. Besides fitting all standard rescue techniques, ERGON allows to easily perform rescue operations in extreme environments and when the patient is in critical conditions.

Main features

Size Adults
Usage Rescue
Height (cm) 7,5
Width (cm) 43
Length (cm) 165
Max length (cm) 201
Folded length (cm) 120
Epaisseur pliée (cm) 9
Weight (kg) 10,5
Loading capacity (kg) 170
Material HC3 - High Comfort Composite Cell
Aluminium alloy

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